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James Mitchell






Hemel Hempstead School

Current role

Head of English Faculty







About me









I have been a Head of English for eight years and I want to develop in others the ability to manifest positive changes in their own and others’ attitudes and behaviours, to better create culture and working practices that lead to desired outcomes, so that essential elements, including leadership of Curriculum design to ensure engagement and challenge for children, people management, holding people to account, and succession planning, are effective.  

I am committed to collaboratively working to achieve positive change and I am excited to work with leaders in English in other schools.

My leadership of the English faculty has led to sustained improvement in outcomes for students, with the 2018 summer results showing a positive three-year trend, including 10% improvement in GCSE English Language grades 4-9 since August 2016 and Progress shows a positive three-year trend.

I have led the formation of a new team following significant staff turnover, developing a range of staff including NQTs and TLR holders and teaching and learning is consistently good to outstanding in English at HHS.

I have received very good feedback from the working with Heads of English at other schools and have enjoyed seeing the outcomes of this work being showcased.

Specialist Area of Expertise


Other area of expertise


Recent training

Hertsforlearning Heads of English; PiXL English; SLE Core training; Level 2 Mentor training at UH