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Teaching & Learning

Lorraine Cushnie


Tring School, Tring

Current Role

Subject Leader of Drama

About me

 I have been leading a very successful department for 12 years during which time I have learnt about how to run a successful department, manage people, motivate and inspire both high achieving students and those less motivated. Leading a small department and having in the past worked in a department where I have been the only Drama teacher I appreciate how important it is to have a network of people who can offer a wider range of different support.  The areas of my job I enjoy the most are being in the classroom with the students and working with my colleagues planning what we should be teaching and strategies to make learning exciting for our students, instilling a passion in them and helping them to become more confident learners.

I am an outstanding teacher evidenced by formal observations where I have been graded as “outstanding” in all areas for the last 4 years.  My own and my department’s exam results have been in line with school targets and in many cases exceeded them:

My department has been graded as an “outstanding” department across all areas in the last two departmental reviews with teaching from all teachers in the department being outstanding.

During my time as Subject Leader at Tring School I have been involved with supporting and mentoring newly qualified teachers and trainee teachers on a formal and informal basis.  These teachers have gone on to become outstanding teachers.

I have excellent classroom management skills. Teaching a practical subject has meant I have had to adopt a wide range of strategies to deal with students working in groups.

I have developed the use of IT within the Drama department.   As our school introduced the use of Google I saw the opportunity to use Google Classroom as a tool for assessment I worked with another subject leader looking at ways we could use this tool for recording students’ practical work allowing the students to develop their performances and evaluative skills.  I then introduced this to the department encouraging them to see this as a way to improve our existing assessment procedures and the existing school policy of SIR marking.  Using this tool has allowed students to reflect more accurately on their practical work, class teachers to give more specific feedback while working in a smarter way, and has allowed me as Subject Leader a non-intrusive way to of monitoring and carrying out work scrutiny.  The use of Google Classoom is constantly developing within the department all class teachers discovering ways that we can use it to mark practically and written work, communicate with students, share resources and allow them to also share resources with other class members.  We discuss the ways in which we are using Classroom in departmental meetings and look at future developments that may remove the need to exercise books at KS3.

Specialist area of expertise

Teaching and Learning
Other area of expertise Drama
Teaching and Learning
Recent Training National Drama Teachers Conference at National Theatre
Exam Boards Taught