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What people Say!

I would certainly recommend the LEP to other teachers. There are few opportunities available otherwise to get a feel for the workings of an entire SLT, and it is all the more striking and apparent when viewed from the outside. So many processes and practices within our own schools aren’t questioned or viewed, they are simply routines. It is vital to have the experience of the outsider in order to see something holistically.

The variety of different pathways and skillsets in SLT means that choosing one to focus on can be overwhelming, so seeing it in action helped me to clarify what I enjoy doing and am interested in, and also served to demystify some of the roles that I had no experience of.

 Lastly it is simply pleasurable and exciting to visit a school and get a view of everything that is going on. When you can see the result of a chosen policy enacted across the school it provides motivation and incentive to make sure that policies are the right ones. When you see smiling and happy children you are reminded of what powerful instruments of social change schools can be, and why it’s so rewarding to work in them.

G segal from Longdean School, Hemel Hempstead, March 2019


I would definitely recommend the LEP to other colleagues. For me personally, it was an eye-opener as I witnessed teaching at a primary level in contrast to secondary. For example, they are a lot more practical-focused and hands-on in their Maths teaching and I noticed how the use of physical objects and diagrams can boost pupils’ engagement, something that we can embrace in KS3 to support pupils as they make the transition from primary to secondary. 

In addition, the mixed ability classes I saw being taught in primary gave me ideas of how we can do highly differentiated lessons. For example, teaching some students to draw on different strategies to help them become better problem solvers while at the same time supporting others with their basic maths. These independent problem-solving skills will help them not just for academic purpose but for future job prospects.

Asmae Haddouch, Longdean, March 2018


The LEP was invaluable for me. I learnt more in three days visiting another school than I’ve learnt in a long time and I really enjoyed it.  The opportunity to have in depth, wide ranging conversations with lots of senior members of staff is a real privilege which really isn’t possible in one’s own normal hectic school environment. For somebody considering their next steps and applying for a Leadership role this is a hugely worthwhile programme to apply for. Not only did I get lots of ideas for me – I also hope I was able to share some ideas with Longdeanand I have certainly bought some back to Tring. I now have a much clearer idea of the roles and responsibilities of being on the Leadership Team; a good idea of what I personally need to do next and a better idea of the career path I would ultimately like to pursue. 

Patricia du Bois, Tring School